Here is a list of current projects / Causes we are working on or collaborating with:

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

We are proud to be a top donor to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, working to provide toys for tens of thousands of children here in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Entrepreneurial Investment Project (EIP)

Our EIP program seeks to help fund aspiring entrepreneurs in developing parts of the world. We partner with Kiva Microlending to provide low / no interest forgivable loans in regions of the world where our financial aid has the greatest possible benefit. The EIP program has the ability to aid entrepreneurs in perpetuity. As each round of loans is repaid, it is in turn used to fund the next round of financing.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

During the devastating wildfires that ravaged much of Australia in January 2020, we worked to collect donations for AZWW to help provide aid for the vast amounts of wild animals impacted and injured by the fires.


As a lover of the beach and the world’s Oceans, we are very proud to support 4Ocean and their mission to Clean the oceans and rid them of harmful plastics. They work tirelessly to clean beaches and the open ocean and we are happy to support via both actively participating in beach Clean ups as well as funding their projects through merchandise purchases.

Villalobos Rescue Center

Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals

Amnesty International

We support Amnesty International and their fight around the world for human rights.

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