Driven to Make a Difference’s work was started in 2012 when a group of local business owners met together in a parking lot to donate to The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Connected by their passion for the local community and their love of cars, this winter meet up evolved into an annual tradition. An excuse for a small car meet in December for a good cause. Each year it grew until the event outgrew the small lot and relocated to The Horsepower Farm in Middletown. The larger (and much warmer) venue allowed a more formal event to take place and it expanded to more than just the automotive community.

Our Partnership with Horsepower Farm not only brought us to a new location but also introduced us to a variety of new, and awesome charities with which we began working. We began fundraising for The Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation as well as the Matt Haverkamp Foundation.

In 2021, Driven to Make a Difference grew beyond just the one annual event and launched the Entrepreneurial Investment Program.

What We’ve Accomplished

We have provided toys to over 25,000+ families in need around southwest Ohio through donations collected at our annual toy drive at Horsepower Farm each December.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

We have supported the dreams of small business owners in 23 countries and developing parts of the world by helping fund startup costs for aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Investment Program

We support Purple Heart Warriors and the families of fallen heroes by providing enriching, life changing experiences that facilitate new friendships and emotional healing.

Blue Skies Warrior Project

Our next Chapter starts with you….

Let’s build something together.

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